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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unit Topics

1. Respond to this blog entry by clicking on Comments below. Include in your reply at least one topic you are considering for the unit you will create during this course:
• Indicate your unit topic, class level, and subject area
• Explain your topic idea
• Include other ideas for topics

2. Review responses from other participants


  1. Unit topic: Snakes
    Class level: V
    Subject area: EvS
    My idea is to create awareness among students about the life, habitat, habits and types of snakes with special emphasis for the need to conserve and develope respect among students that they too have a right to live and share the Earth with us.

  2. Unit Topic- Reproduction
    Class Level- 10 -12
    Subject Area-Science
    Topic Idea- Genetic Engineering
    Other Ideas- Cloning

  3. unit topic : line & angles
    class level : ix
    subject area : mathematics
    topic idea : concept of geometry
    other idea : trigonometry

  4. Topics are interesting and will work if our students too join .

  5. Class XI & XII
    Subject Area: Computer Sc.
    Topic- Data Structure
    Other Idea- Networking

  6. unit topic bligging
    level imagination
    subject areas power to think and write
    topic idea writing imaginative thinking

    other ideas blooo ger

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  10. ..."K.V. Gole Market .It is a great opportunity to interect with each other.I am thrilled to use this platform to seek the openion of fellow teachers on "How can we discipline our students since the teacher here is under a lot of restraint.

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  13. Unit topic;- The Tribute
    Class level
    Subject Area : English
    Topic Idea :- Mutual understandind among one's family members.
    Other Idea :- Creating the feeling of United family.

  14. unit topic : the yellow butterfly
    class level : III
    Subject Area : English
    topic idea : sky,color, insects
    Other idea : appreciation of natural beauty & prevent their extinction

  15. I am thrilled to use this platform to seek the openion of fellow teachers on "How can we discipline our students since teachers here are under a lot of restriction"

  16. Hi friends
    My Topic - Aatm Patichaya
    Class XII (Hindi Core)
    Subject : Hindi

    Expected skills : the students are expected to learn a lot from the life of the great laurate poet and author harivansh rai bachhan

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  19. unit topic:elecromagnetic induction
    class level: 12
    subject area:physics

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